Why WordPress?

WordPress has been used to build over ⅓ of websites live today, why should you use it to build yours?

  • Start a Blog
  • Share on Social
  • Customise your Site
  • 1000's of Themes
  • Trusted Worldwide
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Taking Hosting to the Next Level!

WordPress with HostGrid gives you everything you could ever need to build your site.

WordPress is widely believed to be the best blogging tool. If you want to start a new blog site, you’ll be hard pushed to find any other engine that will do a better job with you.


Understandably, WordPress’ flexibility can make some nervous, but for most it is a license to build whatever you want in the best way possible. WordPress is such a powerful tool, there are no limits.

Sell Online

WordPress gives you access to endless ecommerce plugins allowing you to process payments online and even configure your shipping and tax limits.

Themes Galore

Your theme choices with WordPress are limitless. Not only are there thousands of themes available right now, people are constantly designing new ones, you could even build your own!

Social Media

The wealth of WordPress plugins available to you is astounding. It has never been easier to link your website to your social media accounts and start building your brand.

Join the Best

You don’t have to look far to find a huge website that has been built with WordPress. Some of the biggest brands out there use WordPress today, why not join them?


Of all websites are built using WordPress


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Million new WordPress websites every 6 months

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