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  • 10x Increased Speed
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Elevated RAM and CPU

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As your Business grows, so must your website... Premium Hosting created with you in mind

10x Faster Hosting

Waiting for a web page to load is tedious, a waste of precious time and will cause many visitors to head to a competitor’s website. Don’t let your business be a victim of impatience.

Increased RAM

RAM helps websites to load a lot quicker and provides a much more professional experience for any visitors. Give your website a larger short-term memory and give your customers an efficient encounter.

Elevated CPU Power

Commonly thought of as your website’s brain, CPU handles all the key data processing your site needs to do while people are browsing your website. Increasing your CPU will provide customers with a concise and expert visit.

Built for High Volume Traffic

It’s a simple concept that the more customers you have, the larger the traffic to your website will be and we’d strongly advise you prepare for this. Whether you are selling products, hosting a forum or taking restaurant bookings, HostGrid Premium is ideal for you.

Super Fast and Super Reliable Premium Hosting

Speed and reliability of a website are key components to customers and should never be undervalued. Success comes with responsibility, make sure you are aware of your website’s traffic figures and source the tools to always provide a professional experience.
Built to Grow with You

As your business grows, so must your website. Our Premium hosting has been created with your website in mind, it is 100% scalable and is like having your own personal server, without the hassle of upkeep.

Why Choose HostGrid?

HostGrid premium hosting is designed for rising businesses with no caps on traffic, increased RAM and CPU and lightning fast performance as well as all the key features you would expect from our shared hosting package.

High Performance and Feature Packed

Many web hosts seem identical on the surface, offering disk space, bandwidth, email site builders and 24x7 support… but these are only a fraction of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you host your site with HostGrid.
Free Domain Name

Get your own professional domain name FREE with all HostGrid plans.

Custom Email Address

Team your domain with a personalised email address to keep your audience up to date.

Money Back Guarantee

We know you'll find us easy to use, if you don't no need to worry, we have an impressive Money-Back Guarantee.

Drag and Drop Website Builder

Our website builder can get you online in under a day. Just choose from amazing templates or drag and drop your images.

Sell Products Online

We can help you sell your products online quickly and easily with our eCommerce apps in Plesk.

Unlimited Domains

We want your brand to grow and encourage securing all relevant domains for it. That's why we allow you to host unlimited domains in your hosting account.

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