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Why Is a Domain So Important To Your Brand?

Choosing a domain

It’s rare to find the right domain straight away, we’d recommend doing your research before buying! Make a shortlist of keywords for your website, what could people be searching for if you want them to find you? Also, keep it simple, long domain names can be hard to remember, easily misspelt and can lose their impact.

When searching for available domains, don’t worry if your first few choices aren’t available. We have built our domain search system around offering suitable and available domain suggestions to our customers.

What about TLDs?

There are 2 essential parts that make up a domain name, the name and the extension, also known as a TLD. There are commonly used TLDs such as .com, .info and .net as well as plenty of new TLDs such as .xyz, .page and .club which are known as gTLDs. The release of these new gTLDs has opened up the domain market, giving people wider options when searching for the right domain for their brand.

You can also register domains with a country TLD making your brand even more relatable to your market. Country TLDs, known as ccTLDs, are available for every country and even some cities. Commonly used ones are .us in the USA, in the UK and in Australia.

Multiple domains

We all know there is strength in numbers. Once you find your primary domain name, keep searching. We would recommend buying as many similar domains around your brand as possible along with multiple TLDs to enforce your brand. The benefits of growing and strengthening your brand cannot be measured.

Why HostGrid?

If you have been doing your research, you will have noticed many hosts include a free domain name for the first year of a hosting subscription. HostGrid goes one better and removes the worry of ever losing your domain name by including it free for the lifetime of your subscription! As long as your subscription with us is active, we will renew your domain name each year for free so you never have to.